o, Mouth; other letters as in a totally distinct series of functional gills, which are not derived from the modification of the typical molluscan ctenidium. Armory pieces they sale include chainmail, decorative armor, leather armor, and functional armor. The -S form 3. You can add a keyboard tray slider underneath for a very functional computer desk with storage space. The power station should be fully functional by the end of the year. Many casual comforters are reversible, making them very functional design choices. Ab A"'^1Bz 1=, (F, Mn Ax I Ax 2 Axe Ax1) J The First Transvectant Differs But By A Numerical Factor From The Jacobian Or Functional Determinant, Of The Two Forms. Example sentences with the word functionalism. Sulfur is the best element for rearrangement reactions and allows us to employ the novel strategy of migrating functional groups. While not all jackets are in the spotlight this much, a warm and functional jacket can also be one of the beautiful and/or cute items in your daughter's closet. This ability to follow contours makes monorail lighting a functional choice with a designer touch available in a number of attractive finishes and accent colors to compliment your decorative choices. Unfortunately, the skull is incomplete, and the rest of the skeleton very imperfectly known; but sufficient of the former remains to show that the socket of the eye was open behind, and of the latter to indicate that in the hind-foot, at any rate, the upper bones of the two functional toes had not coalesced into a cannon-bone. Two slide presentations on functional foods by Professor Ian Rowland are available. functional specification should also be considered for selection. Choose bookmarker wedding favors for a fun and functional memento of your wedding day for guests to take home. The office was large and functional rather than welcoming. - Procoelous; parietals united; eyelids functional; clavicles expanded as in the true geckos which they resemble in other respects. omega-3 (fatty acid)ant lipids for human health: development of functional land-based omega-3 fatty acids. They're functional and so deliberately unfussy and anonymous that even tho they're intended go unnoticed, they end up drawing attention. Making candles to decorate the dinner table is another activity that is not only fun to do, but creates functional items. Conducting functional tests of PT builds. In functional grammar, we recognize that grammar is not a set of rules, but a system for making meaning. If you think of curtains as artistic as well as functional accessories, the decorative curtain rods and finials you choose to showcase your designs are like the framing pieces that finish the look you're trying to achieve. This style sought to evoke a feeling of pride in the achievements of modern industry, and the highly functional nature of art deco reflects a desire in people to move beyond the frivolous, over-ornate trappings of previous movements. 100 examples: The visualoculomotor striatum of the cat:functional relationship to the… Sliding wood closet doors offer a smart, functional option when you have limited space available for a closet. In this way, the things that you should consider are quite different than the functional purposes a jersey can serve on the gridiron. His approach to architecture is minimalist. heterocyclic rings with nitrogenous bases with varying functional groups. It is also highly functional: the hand closes around a triangular bottle, while round bottles open the hand and weaken the grip. These are solid white with stripes of red, dark blue and black and feature Handy Manny on the functional fly area and pictures of some of the tool characters on the hips and bottom. For (M N)(F,4)), =Nf.4Y Mfy.4), And F,4, F 5.4)= (Axby A Y B X) A X B X 1= (Xy)(F,4))1; (F,Ct)1=F5.D' 7,(Xy)(F4)1. When decorating a home office it's important that it be functional, but since it's a part of your home it should also be comfortable and work with the style of the rest of the house. A good master bedroom design will integrate the elements in a room to create a coherent, functional whole. If you are wearing heels, be sure to practice walking in them and choose something that is both cute and functional. Only the left ovary becomes functional, with rare individual exceptions. If you are considering design ideas for a small bathroom there are a few key components to think about that will ensure your room is functional, beautiful, and maximizes the existing floor space. Pictures, postcards, etc. If a baby girl is on the way, then create a diaper cake that is both functional and beautiful. Eyes functional but devoid of movable lids. They are also a great way to display earrings and can make pretty bedroom or dressing room accessories as well as being functional. We were impressed with the machine's ergonomics. Ceramic tableware - Lisa Marklew Salt & Pepper pots - Shona Carnegie Many items will provoke the question, Is it functional or ornamental? Futons are great functional pieces of furniture. The exhibition includes lighting from the strictly functional to the wildly ostentatious. It was a functional photograph. CK 1 1951643 I can't function without you. In such cases the flowers, so far as their functional capabilities are concerned, are usually abortive. The figure is the result of changes in corporate structure that have replaced silos with cross-functional divisions. Heart shaped compact mirror: This star-studded chrome compact mirror is girly enough for girls and teens, and with 2x magnification is functional enough for those with a penchant for fun, feminine compact mirrors. For example, pianos are a functional part of countless beautiful living spaces. Specialists who operate in the silos of their expertise don't always think beyond their functional boundaries. functional brain imaging has the potential to breach the privacy of a person's own thoughts. All of your guests are sure to appreciate these decorative yet functional gifts. In the bamboo-rats, Rhizomys, from the Indo-Malay countries, China and Tibet, as well as in the closely allied East African Tachyoryctes, the eyes are, however, functional, and the head is rounded. s Out of the vast mass of undifferentiated powers certain functional deities appear; and the Kami of Japan to-day who preside over the gilds and crafts of industry and agriculture, over the trees and grasses of the field, the operations of the household, and even the kitchenrange, the saucepan, the rice-pot, the well, the garden, the scarecrow and the privy, have their counterparts in the lists of ancient Rome, the indigitamenta over whose contents Tertullian and Augustine made merry. If you have functional dyspepsia, the inside of your gut looks normal. This level of survivability assumes and requires that the remainder of the computing environment is functional. Keep your remodel practical and functional for your family's uses. These caeca occur in birds (as in mammals) at the junction of the small with the large intestine; and while in ordinary perching-birds they are reduced to small nipplelike buds of no functional importance, in many other birds - owls for instance - they form quite long receptacles. Pharmacology is a branch of biology; it is also closely connected with pathology and bacteriology, for certain drugs produce structural as well as functional changes in the tissues, and in germ diseases the peculiar symptoms are caused by foreign substances (toxins) formed by the infective organisms present in the body. Cheddar is very functional and responds well to cooking, you may however enjoy it more with a strong blue cheese. How to use functional in a sentence. The exciting atmosphere largest fully functional equal eye quot muses scott. You'll be creating a brighter, more attractive and more functional space. Functional definition: Functional things are useful rather than decorative. Anywhere between 35-50 letters and numbers can be engraved on these fully functional guitar picks, so you can really use the surface of your pick to make a statement. Functional materials, e.g. Not only noteworthy for their colors, though, floor pillows also serve a more functional purpose. Buttons: Buttons can be both functional and decorative, and they make outstanding pillow closures. drawer runners and slim silver handles, this range is functional and eye catching. Bruno RL, Johnson JC, Berman WS: Vasomotor abnormalities as Post-Polio Sequelae: Functional and clinical implications. Bathrooms need to be functional, yet welcoming, and of course you want to put your own personal stamp the room. Among the Gastropoda, in the Aspidobranchia, there is no genital duct, and the gonad opens into the right kidney; in the more modified forms the left kidney alone is functional, the right has been converted into the genital duct. We have f Their furniture was more aesthetic than, 15. In certain species of Streptocarpus no functional SAM is present and the plants form only one enlarged cotyledon. Examples of functional deficit in a sentence, how to use it. In Cypripedium all three stigmas are functional, but in the great majority of orchids only the lateral pair form receptive surfaces (st, fig. Because of the ships' rebuilt history and the line's overall casual nature, décor is far more functional than on mainstream or luxury vessels.
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