The buckle for keeping the hood closed There is one strip of Velcro that pulls down on to another strip of Velcro which, if not quite located properly (because you can’t feel the Velcro with your mitts on folks) will end up flapping loose and coming undone. It featured Velcro cuffs to allow the sleeve to go over mitts or for the wrist to be cinched and go inside them. I prefer a one piece suit - warmer since it leaves no gaps at the waistline. The hood is a very good fit and easy And the rainbow drop seat is excellent worst conditions. 04/10/2009: Base Camp Tour. The internal mesh pockets are compromised as seen here by the location of the braces and the elasticated waist band. 04/10/2009: Base Camp Tour. Similar to the Mountain Hardwear suit this also features a 6 zipper rainbow drop seat which is zipped all the way from the ankle so not only is it great for toilet access but also for venting off in warmer conditions. Another great feature is access to the inside the suit from the outer pocket on the right side which allows for great versatility – so no need to be opening the front of the suit for a water bottle (and losing all that well earned warmth) when you can get it through the smaller pocket access. But for the time being, steer clear. Berghaus Ulvetanna Hydrodown Suit – 2,150g – rrp £850 The harness felt great but was let down by the braces. The chunky leg zippers just have an internal baffle which sits really well. But access Verdict – Steer clear of this suit. Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero Expedition Suit – 1,800g – rrp £800 (down from £1,000) They should allow for single handed adjustment. Internal braces aren’t removable A generous and workable hood with one SKU: QED10 Expedition Suit Categories: Expedition High Altitude Down Clothing , Polar Expedition Equipment Tags: Cho Oyu , Everest Brands: Rab . 04/03/2009: Acclimatizing at Deboche. Let’s hope they go for a Mk2 version and bring the cost down for the No1 spot. Here's what Everest climbers eat and wear to stay alive on the mountain. There’s not much Velcro and if it gets frosted up the pocket will be worse than useless. which is a pain if you inadvertently Like it says at the top of the page … not all down suits are equal. There are 2 insulated ‘Napoleon’ style pockets on the chest and an uninsulated zippered thigh pocket. But the 2 internal mesh pockets are not great at all. Personal Gear (down suit, high altitude boots, sleeping bags, etc): $7,000; Satellite phone (own) $1,000 to $3,000 depending on usage; Gear allowance for Sherpas $2,000 ; EBC and High Camps $3,800 – $8,800. The 6 way zipper allows for plenty of The main body showing the Napoleon pockets and the waist pockets, which are difficult to access whilst wearing a harness. They use a very chunky zip which would be better with a 3 or 4 way option but at least it has a baffle. The one pull adjustment for the front of the hood was very fiddly and didn’t pull through very easily. Zippered and mesh internal pockets. Personally I’d shelve that in favour of better features elsewhere. The pockets were very useful for keeping important items accessible. Ideal for: 8,000m climbs, polar exploration. $90.00 USD. Using this information they have studiously mapped out which areas need the greatest amount of down and which areas can cope with less. The leg zip is the only way of being able to access for toilet arrangements. Designed for athletes aiming for the top of the world, the Himalayan Suit is the pinnacle down suit for climbing 8,000 meter peaks. The waist adjustment would be better if the toggle was attached to the suit making it a one handed adjustment. Expensive but well thought out in most respects (hobo mitts, access to the inside though the outer pocket) but not all aspects (non removable internal braces – what is the point?). The down jacket should be one of the thickest made. More examples of a trimmer design philosphy can be found in the arrangement of the pockets and the clever layout of the arm and waist adjusters. the front zipper comes as standard. It is a potential problem with all suits when they are opened because even those with a zip baffle will then have the teeth exposed and they’ll get iced up – but it is also a problem with the Rab when zipped. SKU: QED10 Expedition Suit Categories: Expedition High Altitude Down Clothing , Polar Expedition Equipment Tags: Cho Oyu , Everest Brands: Rab . The front zipper has a 4 way pull and, as with all their zippers, they are using a fine toothed reversed waterproof zipper. But they are almost too roomy. Do not accept that you only have the choice of the two in the shop that you visit. Yasuko Namba's (Naoko Mori) Down Suit. Regular price: $2,448.95. Apr 29, 2020 - Everest Expedition by The South Col Route A fully inclusive KTM to KTM Everest expedition including all accommodation, all meals, a superb 3 week trekking and acclimatisation itinerary, individual Base Camp tents, excellent Base Camp services, all logistics and supplies on the hill, a plentiful supply of oxygen, Western Leader and 1:1 Climbing Sherpa.
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