On Thursday, October 10, Community College of Philadelphia held its fourth annual Human Trafficking Awareness Day. The Project. Spanish-speaking couples are needed to work throughout Latin America. The Harmful Effects of Pornography. Help law enforcement to bring about rescues by presenting them with the case files of evidence needed to take action. The Compton Human Trafficking Task Force is having an event Saturday 01/26/2019 in Compton to engage the community and promote awareness and provide information about Human Trafficking- in honor of January being Human Trafficking Awareness Month. As we move forward to eradicate abuse in all forms Schwarz and Jenkins will continue CCFCA Breaking the Chains Petition Drive to end Domestic Violence, Human Sex Trafficking and Sexual Assault visiting Churches in the metropolitan area . Otherwise, you will not be able to register for races or use other functionality of the website. Archana Kotecha says though the cogs of legal reform turn slowly, much can still be done in Hong Kong to combat human trafficking … BREAKING THE CHAINS: COMBATING HUMAN TRAFFICKING AT THE STATE LEVEL STEPHANIE L. MARICONDA* Abstract: Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery. Our team members are generous individuals who have become aware of human trafficking and have chosen to become a Break the Chains athlete as one way to engage it. To request help or report suspected human trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888. Indiana. Author information: (1)Mary Elizabeth Sutherland, MD, Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program, South Bend. 3. Identify victims of human trafficking and help them get off the streets. 1. Define human trafficking and how traffickers groom their victims. Category: Community Service, ... and residential services to victims of human trafficking. Standing nearly 70 strong on the steps of the Mint Building at 11 a.m., January 9, 2021 – 9 am-Noon – Via Zoom. El Paso is annually listed as one of the safest cities in the nation, so when the El Paso offices of the Junior League and FBI made us aware that human sex trafficking was on the rise in our community, we were shocked. Plan on joining us Tuesday, August 10, 2021. Virtual Gala. Through their research, the team will complete a supply chain map of wildlife trafficking, develop a strategic framework for interdiction options and then build disruption and enforcement models that can be used by agencies with limited resources. In the fight against human trafficking, organizations have a critical role to play. Students, faculty and staff organized a series of four events, which brought to campus the narratives of human trafficking victims, as well as the expertise of those who work in the field. Churches or Community Organization can join by calling (910) 474-2589 for scheduling. Also, all Early Bird registrants will be entered in a raffle prize drawing. Breaking the Chains of Modern Day Slavery. Breaking The Chains 23. ‘Breaking the Chains’ Anti-Human Trafficking Awareness Festival. Implement our restoration program which successfully has transformed more than 60% of those that have gone through it. Don’t see a resource that you know exists? Learn more about human trafficking. Breaking the Chains Ride Breaking the Chains Ride. Identify victims of human trafficking. While we cannot all be together in person for our Breaking the Chains of Human Trafficking Annual Gala, we are excited to share this short video spotlighting our amazing survivors and the services/programs being offered at Renee Jones Empowerment Center. Breaking Chains (2013) By: Year Published: ... We depend on the anti-trafficking community to keep our resource hub up to date. It is 100% Jesus. 3. Plus receive an event T-Shirt! Debra Rush, founder and CEO of Breaking the Chains, established the organization to help survivors of human trafficking heal from the complex trauma and challenges victims experience.
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