From 1880 to 2018 less than 5 people per year have been born with the first name Poa. The other animals look to Bunga for advice, but he confesses that Kion knows best. Poa definition: a type of grass | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Kion tells the Lion Guard to follow him, as he rushes to save some nearby animals. In "Swept Away" when Beshte goes missing, Kion gets worried since he roared up all the water that washed Beshte away. Big B (by Bunga) Son (by Basi) Young hippo (by Rafiki) The Strongest (by All) Big B Bridge (by Bunga)My Hero (by Mtoto)Hippo (by All)Poa (by Tree of Life Inhabitants)Poa the Destroyer (formerly) (by Tree of Life Inhabitants)Poa the Life Saver (by Pinguino), Basi's Pod (formerly)The Bellow Fellows (formerly)Pride Landers (formerly)Night Pride, My Hero (by Mtoto)Hippo (by All)Poa (by Tree of Life Inhabitants)Poa the Destroyer (formerly) (by Tree of Life Inhabitants)Poa the Life Saver (by Pinguino). The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington • Sally • Zero • Lock, Shock, and Barrel • Oogie Boogie • Dr. Finkelstein • Mayor of Halloween Town • Santa Claus Beshte and the others go around the ravine, and Kion confronts Fuli, insisting that she rests. The Night Pride reunites with the others, with Baliyo regretting having missed out on the Roar as Makini rushes over to Kion, realizing he really was working on the Roar. Pride Lands, Big Springs Laini and Beshte are good friends. Beshte is very close to his father, and becomes very concerned whenever Basi is injured or in danger. Alignment Beshte hopes he comes up with something soon, as a set of baboons have attached themselves to his body, playing around. Beshte comments on how great they are as a team. Since their story frightens the youngsters again, Kion and the Guard decide to go in search of the Zimwi themselves. Goal 'Power of Attorney' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. In "Pride Landers Unite!" Their game continues with Mtoto racing away with the fruit wrapped up in his trunk, until he hears a message from his mother. POA definition: → point of action: . Once the Guard have seen that the hawk returns home, they offer to walk Ono back to his nest. Two gorillas are holding a pangolin each, having a staredown. The Lion Guard: Kion • Bunga • Fuli • Beshte • Ono • Tiifu • Zuri • Janja • Cheezi • Chungu • Janja's Clan • Mzingo • Mzingo's Parliament • Mwoga • Makuu • Makuu's Float • Pua • Basi • Basi's Pod • Ushari • Jasiri • Madoa • Tunu and Wema • Thurston • Mbeya • Ma Tembo • Zito • Aminifu • Reirei • Goigoi • Dogo • Dogo's Brothers • Kijana • Reirei's Pack • Twiga • Juhudi • Shingo • Muhanga and Muhangus • Tamaa • Nala's Father • Swala • Muhimu • Hamu • Ajabu • Makucha • Makucha's Army • Fahari • Jiona • Mjomba • Ogpoa • Haya • Laini • Badili • Mbuni • Mapigano • Mtoto • Gumba • Kambuni • Kwato • Shauku • Nne • Tano • Vuruga Vuruga • Young Rhino • Lioness • Majinuni and Hafifu • King Sokwe • Jasiri's Clan • Hadithi • Bupu • Boboka • Chura • Kifaru • Mwenzi • Uroho • Mwizi • Kulinda • Ona • Mpishi • Makini • Shupavu • Kiburi • Tamka • Nduli • Kiburi's Float • Chama • Kenge • Dhahabu • Hodari In "Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas" Beshte helps Bunga give Timon and Pumbaa a Christmas that they wouldn't forget. The Lion Guard: Lair of the Lion Guard • Janja's Den • Tree of Life, Instrumental Scores: This Land • Hyenas • ...To Die For • Under the Stars • King of Pride Rock • Didn't Your Mother Tell You Not to Play with Your Food • We are All Connected • Hyenas in the Pride Lands • Elephant Graveyard • I Was Just Trying to Be Brave • Stampede • Mufasa Dies • If You Ever Come Back We'll Kill You • Bowling for Buzzards • We Gotta Bone to Pick With You • Kings of the Past • Nala, is It Really You? The group heads over to Hakuna Matata Falls, where Bunga confesses to his uncles as the others watch. He then watches as Kion sends Mjomba in instead, and waits outside for the signal. His specialty in the group is his strength. They soon get to work, with Beshte joining Kion and Fuli in taking down the older jackals. Poa The Destroyer The tundra animals blame Beshte for being a nuisance to them to which they try to warn the Night Pride about Beshte's bad reputation. in Swahili. the Guard. Beshte Although he is able to escape injury, Beshte is swept into the Outlands, along with the rest of the water. Kion reminds him that he stood up to the Zimwi, despite not knowing that it wasn't real, which gives Beshte the confidence boost he needed. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad: Mr. Toad Climbing on top of Beshte, Pinguino tells the animals to cheer for "Poa", with all of the animals chanting the name over and over. Beshte follows the guard during their Morning Patrol, saving a group of hares from a falling tree, helping his fellow hippos out of the mud and directing the crocodiles to their hibernation cave. Pinocchio: Pinocchio • Jiminy Cricket • Figaro • Cleo • Geppetto • Blue Fairy • Honest John and Gideon • Lampwick • Monstro By this point, Kion has begun to tire out from the constant roaring, hoarsely telling Ono he can't hold on much longer. The Lion Guard: Call of the Guard • A Beautiful Day (Ni Siku Nzuri) • Zuka Zama • Tonight We Strike • Kion's Lament • It is Time • Here Comes the Lion Guard • We're the Same (Sisi Ni Sawa) • Don't Make a Stink • Bunga the Wise • Duties of the King • Outta the Way • Jackal Style • Our Kupatana Community • My Own Way • Utamu • All Hail The Vultures • Hero Inside • Bird of a Thousand Voices • Panic and Run • Trail to Hope • Life in the Pride Lands • We'll Make You a Meal • Find Your Roar • Chungu's Lament • Baboons • Beware of the Zimwi • Lions Over All • Stand Up, Stand Out • Kuishi Ni Kucheka • Running with the King • Hadithi the Hero • Makin' Hippo Lanes • Tickbirds and Rhinos • Teke Ruka Teleza • Everyone is Welcome • The Traveling Baboon Show • A Real Meal • Fujo • The Path of Honor • Bring Back a Legend • Today is my Day • I Have A Plan • Gotta Look on the Bright Side • The Worst Hyena We Know • May There Be Peace • Big Bad Kenge • Christmas in the Pride Lands • The Twelve Ways of Christmas • I Do Have a Great Deal to Say • Fabulous Dhahabu • Give a Little Guy a Chance • We're the Smartest • Good King Simba • The Faster I Go • I'm Gonna Run This Dump • Now You See Me, Now You Don't • Wisdom on the Walls • He's The Zebra Mastermind • Kwetu Ni Kwetu • Nothin' to Fear Down Here • Shujaa Ponda • Pride Landers Unite! They give each other nicknames like Big B and Little B. Beshte often shows concern over Bunga, particularly when he rushes into things. His snout is large, with two teeth protruding out from his upper lips. The Lion Guard Price Over Average. Upon discovering Kion is not yet there, they go down into the Outlands where they encounter their leader, who is accompanied by a hyena named Jasiri. Weird things about the name Poa: The name spelled backwards is Aop. All is pretty clear, aside from an impending rainstorm which Ono reports. During their journey, new enemies known as Makucha's Army starts to follow the guard to the Tree of Life. In "Friends to the End", Kion got mad at Beshte, not for being nice to the animals, but also for delaying and told him to stop. Both teams agree to the competition while Thurston starts spreading the word. There isn’t a direct translation to English. Marvel Icons: Daredevil • Doctor Strange • Ghost Rider • Ms. Marvel • Thanos, Friendly, social, sensitive, kind, compassionate, nervous, shy, forgetful, happy-go-lucky, brave, hard-working, honest, calm, humble, sweet, a bit clumsy, nice, selfless, Large, bulky, very obese hippo, gray skin, a patch of black hair, blue eyes, Peace, being with his friends, protecting the Pride Lands, making new friends, giving rides on his back, mud, swimming, snow, Danger, disrespect, his friends in danger, troubles, Janja (formerly), not being able to be nice, extreme sunlight, Remains at the Tree of Life with the rest of the Guard when Kion marries. When Beshte was little he worked together with his young friends Kion, Bunga and Fuli to rescue an egg that was being taken by little Janja, Cheezi and Chungu. • "Oregon Astray" • "New Guinea Pig" • "Isle of Manhood" • "Puttin' on the Brits" • "Klondike Con" • "Isle Find Out" • "Beetle Romania" • "Rumble in the Jungle" • "Wide Awake in Wonderland" • "Zazu's Off-by-One Day" • "Animal Barn" • "Roach Hotel" • "Africa-Dabra!" Kion once again declares there to be no Zimwi, and they move forward, with Ono not sure what's scarier - Beshte or the Zimwi. Normally, people with the name Beheshta are very active. Basi (father)Unnamed grandfather When the Army of Scar appear suddenly, Beshte is quick to subdue Kiburi. Simba and Beshte are on good terms. Wreck-It Ralph: Wreck-It Ralph • Fix-It Felix Jr. Beshte watches Bunga as he carefully removes Zazu from a beehive. Meaning A1 Act 1, mostly referring to Lioneye's Watch. Beshte is one of the main characters in the Disney Junior movie and series The Lion Guard, based on the 1994 film The Lion King. Learn more. He always believes in him because knows that his bird friend is the brains of the Lion Guard and knows everything. Beshte has a stout body with thick legs, dark gray-purple toenails, and three dark spots on his back. (19) Poa: If someone greets you using “niaje,” just say “poa” to respond. Beshte has appeared in every single episode after the events of the pilot episode. They explain that Mtoto is being chased by the hyenas, and Beshte swiftly moves into a nearby lake, vanishing underwater. In "Lions of the Outlands" Beshte learns about Zira and the Outsiders. Kion tells her that it's not her fault, and the Guard leave to sort out the herd. Beshte's catchphrase: "Twende kiboko!" As the Guard continue training and the youngsters continue playing, Beshte speaks with a few animals who have concerns about the hyenas. Beshte makes his debut in the series premiere. Kiara tells Kion to come to Pride Rock and they'll explain everything. Background information Beshte: Poa there sure are lots of paintings about the old Lion Guard avengers. In "The Little Guy (The Lion Guard)" Beshte befriends a geeko named Hodari who wants to be a crocodile. As Beshte comes nears a pond,  a couple of water shrews hear him singing and, curious, try to find out who it is. The Lion Guard of the Pirde Lands (formerly) Basi's Pod (formerly)The Bellow Fellows (formerly)Pride Landers (formerly)Night Pride Beshte used to think that Dogo was cute until they ruined the Kupatana Celebration. They tried to attack the animals at the Tree of Life. Stunned at hearing their catchphrase, Kion lets his guard down and allows Vitani to attack him. He locates the path they're looking for and guides them out. • "Sitting Pretty Awful" • "He's a Bad, Bad, Bad Sport" • "Dapper Duck Burgers" • "It Runs Good" • "Hot Air Buffoons" • "Timon in Love" • "Kahuna Potato" • "Mook Island" • "Cliphangers", The Lion Guard Noticing how much he enjoys being around Bunga, she asks if he will take care of him, which he accepts. The next morning, Beshte prepares for his audition. In "The Rise of Scar" Beshte meets Rafiki's apprentice Makini. He pushes rocks and creates a waterslide. Soundtracks: The Lion King • Rhythm of the Pride Lands • The Legacy Collection • The Lion King Collection • Return to Pride Rock: Songs Inspired by Disney's The Lion King II: Simba's Pride • Best of the Lion King • The Lion King 1½: Songs from Timon and Pumbaa's Hilarious Adventure • Original Broadway Cast Recording • The Lion Guard • The Lion King (2019 film) POA: acronym for " piece of ass ". Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics (like red hair). As they walk, Bunga notices the amount of water that has collected by Mapema Rock. Most often used as part of a request like “please could you let me pass”. Peace, being with his friends, protecting the Pride Lands, making new friends, giving rides on his back, mud, swimming, snow In "Journey to the Pride Lands", Beshte and the rest of Kion's Guard travel back home to the Pride Lands, only to find out that in "Return to the Pride Lands" that Kion's Guard finds out that they have been replaced by a new group led by Vitani. Many of the modern surnames in the dictionary can be traced back to Britain and Ireland. On his way to the animals, Besthe unknowingly tramples the den of a fox. The guard returns to the Tree of Life and Kion becomes the new King. Poa definition, plan of action. On a clear day in the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard try to stop a herd of buffaloes from stampeding. Beshte also has a habit of quoting his father, showing that he pays attention to his father's words of wisdom. Beshte. After her defeat by Bunga, she grows resentful of the Lion Guard and joins Makuchain his q… Allies Watching from above, an impressed Anga compliments the Guard before flying on, ending the story. They hear Zazu in danger, and are able just in the nick of time from the hyenas. The Lion Guard sleep near the waterfall in Hakuna Matata Falls until they are awoken by Young Rhino who, along with a hare and Mtoto, claim to have seen the Zimwi. The hawk, named Mpishi, grabs a hyrax but is thwarted by Ono before she can chow down. At Pride Rock, Makini is tasked with finding an animal named Kongwe, the wisest animal in the Pride Lands, who should be able to shed some light on how to defeat Scar. Beshte shows Ajabu around the Pride Lands and tells him that he doesn't need to hide. Beshte hates Makucha's Army. Quote Musical: Lioness Hunt • Rafiki Mourns • One by One • Grasslands Chant • Chow Down • The Madness of King Scar • Shadowland • Endless Night • Simba Confronts Scar Beshte is not Dusan Brown's debut Lion King role; previously, as a younger boy, Brown had played Young Simba in a tour version of the stage musical. He is confused as to why the hyenas are continuing the attack, seeing as they have already taken down enough gazelles to feed them all. Kion: ... Every painting has a meaning There are stories to be told So much knowledge all around us From new to very old It's the wisdom wisdom wisdom on the walls Once all the jackals have been gathered, the Lion Guard make sure they leave promptly. Season Two: "Babysitter Bunga" • "The Savannah Summit" • "The Traveling Baboon Show" • "Ono and the Egg" • "The Rise of Scar" • "Let Sleeping Crocs Lie" • "Swept Away" • "Rafiki's New Neighbors" • "Rescue in the Outlands" • "The Ukumbusho Tradition" • "The Bite of Kenge" • "Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas" • "The Morning Report" • "The Golden Zebra" • "The Little Guy" • "Divide and Conquer" • "The Scorpion's Sting" • "The Wisdom of Kongwe" • "The Kilio Valley Fire" • "Undercover Kinyonga" • "Cave of Secrets" • "The Zebra Mastermind" • "The Hyena Resistance" • "The Underground Adventure" • "Beshte and the Beast" • "Pride Landers Unite!" • Mickey's Soundsational Parade • Mickey's Storybook Express • The Lion King Celebration • The Wonderful World of Disney Parade • Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams Soon after, Besthe sees Pinguino climbing a dangerous cliff and, realizing he might get hurt, starts going around to keep him safe. Ono suddenly spots Reirei's Pack pursuing some pangolins at Chakula Plains, and the Guard are forced to split up. Guardians of the Galaxy: Star-Lord • Gamora • Rocket Raccoon • Groot • Drax Once free, Kifaru thanks the Guard for their assistance. Barely jumping to safety, the goats wonder why Beshte threw rocks at them. Beshte: Poa. The name Beheshta has Fire element.Jupiter is the Ruling Planet for the name Beheshta.The name Beheshta having moon sign as Saggitarius is represented by The Archer and considered as Mutable .. It's then revealed that their body was nothing more than a termite mound, which the porcupines explain that they ran up when the Lion Guard chased them. Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics (like red hair). With Beshte pushing the tree one way, Ono watching his horn and the others moving Kifaru the other way, they are able to pull Kifaru loose. Though Shahaba soon jumps over the river, Bunga quickly reaches the top and grabs the baobab fruit before the branch supporting Bunga breaks, sending him to the ground with the baobab fruit.
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