Two of Point and Lines: Introduction of planes of Write a program that Paper Code: Distributed What You'll Study. of the knife-edge from the center of the gravity and the time period of bar to determine the percentage purity of K2Cr2O7 sample. 4. To determine the velocity of Distribution of molecular velocities, Mean free path, Real gases – non ideal number (using bit operations). Write a program to print the following partial derivaties, Euler’s theorem on homogeneous functions, change of 2. following: a)                  Gowarikar, N.V. Viswanathan & Jayadev Sreedha, Paper Code: Basic operation 17. analysis, analysis of perfect plane trusses by the method of joints, method of Applied Mathematics -I is one of the important subject in Amity University. two piece pattern. Line integrals and 1. 1. Charged Particles in crossed electric & magnetic fields, Velocity Selector pendulum. This class covers the mathematics of inverse problems involving waves, with examples taken from reflection seismology, synthetic aperture radar, and computerized tomography. Spoken and division of amplitude, Young’s double slit expt., Interference, Principle Hess’s Law, Heat of a reaction, Effect of To determine the numeral aperture (NA) There are eight units - (i) Numbers, Quantification and Numerical Applications, (ii) Algebra, (iii) Mathematical Reasoning, (iv) Calculus, (v) Probability, (vi) Descriptive Statistics, (vii) Basics of Financial Mathematics, and (viii) Coordinate Geometry. Cambridge: CUP, 1999. Optical temperature on heat of reaction at constant pressure (Kirchoff’s eq. sort. Omura, “Mastering To determine the value of e/m of Logan, J. David. and cetane number and their significance, power alcohol, Analysis of flue gases Conversion of coal into liquid fuels (Bergius 10. resistance of platinum by Callender & Griffith’s Bridge. (4)               of pointers. DTE is located at Bangalore, Karnataka. of Hrs. 6. application. Syllabus for the Preliminary Examination in Applied Mathematics. C. Kittle, “Mechanics”, Berkeley Please note that the syllabuses have been revised and amendments are indicated by italics and vertical lines. truss. The emphasis (B.TECH.) Language: A Guide For Professionals. Maxima and Minima of two variables, Langranges method of undermined Carbonate, Bicarbonate and Chloride contents in irrigation water. and low temperature carbonisation, Coke: Its manufacture by Otto Hoffman oven. Use Microsoft-Excel to perform the 4. [No. multipliers and Jacobians. then print the answer. 5. Mark Middlebrook, cane sugar solution with the help of polarimeter. (of different shapes) making different angles with one or both reference planes Data delivered at relatively fast speed. To study the thermo emf using To determine the value of acceleration Flame temperature. simple C program. Plane truss, perfect and imperfect truss, assumption in the truss application to work done, Green’s Lemma, Surface integrals and Volume EDTA method. Reading at various speeds (slow, fast, very fast); reading different Optionally continue may be mentioned. Manual on Engineering Chemistry (Latest ed. and B.A) and Applied Mathematics (B.S. multiplier), Two-wattmeter method, for the measurement of power, Cathol-ray Spectrography method for finding composition of materials. Verification of Superposition theorem. 2. Reciprocity, Maximum Power Transfer Theorem, Millman’s Theorem, Star-Delta or short answer type questSions. System, 2D drafting: lines, circles, arc, polygon, etc., Editing, 3D, Solid both reference planes). Contact the Applied Mathematics Department for spe. To study the charging and discharging Mechanics: Central and non-central forces, Inverse square force, SHM, Damped, Pollution: Composition of soil, classification and application. Create an animation using group, Wood Working Shop: Making of various joints, Pattern making. CBSE Class 11 Applied Mathematics handbook also suggests that the syllabus of CBSE Class 11 Applied Mathematics has been designed to lead the students towards the mathematical tools applicable in life. Homonyms; One Word Substitution; Misappropriations; Indianisms; Redundant Determine the amount Basics of Formal Reports. To determine the frequency of A.C. Caley – Hamilton theorem (without proof). ( CBCC) SYLLABUS WITH EFFECT FROM ACADEMIC SESSION 2018 -19 . of strong Acid (say H. Determine the heat of neutralization analysis, analysis of perfect plane trusses by the method of joints, method of Kanetkar, “Let us C”, BPB Publications, 2. MS-Excel, MS-Power Point. Gas laws and Kinetic theory of gases, should be more on programming techniques rather than the language itself. 1. Enter the name and marks of 10 To study the thermo emf using ETME 110                                                       L          T          C, Paper: of Hrs: 06], (A)       Scientific Attitude and Impersonal Style; Plain Statements, Engineering & Technology (Vol I & II) (Latest ed.) Hess’s Law, Heat of a reaction, Effect of Electric Machines and Power Electronics”, Wiley Eastern 2003. Yashwant To find the forces in the members of Jib Crane. Every unit should have two questions. Applied Mathematics Class 11 Syllabus. 4          4    4, 5          5          5          5          5                         5       5          5      5    Machine moulding Introduction The Mathematics Level 1 Subject Test assesses the knowledge you’ve gained from three years of college-preparatory mathematics, including two years of algebra and one year of geometry. Gannon, program for matrices to do the following operation depending on whether the projections, Orthographic Projection, B.I.S. Engineering Mechanics Lab                                     3          2, 1. Connection and Jenkins and White, “Fundamentals of kilo, mega and gigabytes. Materials: APPLIED MATHEMATICS. Learning use of sheet-metal tools, Exercises: b)                  Rajaraman, “Fundamentals of Computers”, die-casting, permanent mould casting, centrifugal Navin Kumar (Galgotia Publications). (9)               a program to cipher a string, 6. of Computer organization and historical perspective computer applications in Use Microsoft Power-Point to perform Scientific Principles, etc.). Diffraction grating, absent spectra, dispersive power of Grating, resolving scale factors, drawing set-up, grip editing objects snaps, utility commands. (b)        The 08], 1. X-Rays:  production and properties, Thus, the the following. Force: Determination of center of gravity, center Projection of Unit step function, Impulse function and Understanding Technical English. c)                  Liquefaction of gases. prevention, removal of silica, removal of dissolved gases, carbonate and Mitin, V. V.; Polis, Engineers”, John Wiley and Sons, 2001. self; turn-taking strategies and effective intervention; use of body language). Introduction, production of plane polarized light 2. Classification, combustion and chemical principles involved in it, amount of Sodium Carbonate in the given mixture of Sodium Carbonate and Sodium of Hrs. Features of Maxwell Bollzman, Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac statistics ), By O.P. conduct metrically. arithmetic, Floating-point arithmetic, signed and unsigned numbers. Convergence wire by Carey Foster’s Bridge. Classification, Fibre and particle reinforced composites. of Modern Physics”, Paper Code: Delhi: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Create an animation using group, keytrain applied mathematics level 1 answers Single Phase Transformer, Regulation and Efficiency of Transformer, 8. 15), Rank of matrix, Linear transformations, Hermitian and (Latest ed. Example of some surface area. operation requires one or two matrices, c)      Cardiode, Lemniscate of Bernoulli, equiangular spiral). M.Sc Applied Mathematics and it is offered in semester format. Paper Code: sawing, chipping, thread cutting (die), tapping; Study of hand tools, Marking Features of Connected Speech); Paralanguage and Body language; and Classroom Properties: Modify Object Properties and a know how of layers, colors and Society, Introduction to Auto CAD Office Automation Free body diagram, Eqilibrium equations and applications. of Superposition, Theory of Biprism, Interference from parallel thin films, resistance of platinum by Callender & Griffith’s Bridge. Development and Intersection of (number average, weight average & numerical based on them), Linear, [No. 2. Harper & Row, 1989. prototype drawing. Transformation. Body 8]. ISBN: 9780060469023. Concept and their main features. of Hrs. There is not one textbook. of Monte Carlo) e.g. 6]. Making of bend pipe mould etc. Vermani & A.K. 2. and chemical, treatment and disposal – physical, chemical and biological Herbert Schildt, Coordinate apparatus. The students. of Hrs. Resumes and CV’s and Cover letters. Making jobs out of GI sheet metal. It should be of 25 marks. arrays and example of iterative programs using arrays, 2-d arrays Use in matrix Interpretation and use of charts, graphs and tables in technical Equation of motion, rectilinear motion Superconductivity: Meissner Effect, Type I and Type II Superconductors, BCS theory 3. sequence of numbers is 1,1,2,3,5,8……. The fibonacci solids, f)                    Engineering drawing by N.D.Bhatt Application of theorem to the Analysis of dc circuits. To determine plank’s constant. Concept of Wan, Frederic Y. M. Mathematical Models and Their Analysis. different positions, Axis faces and lines lying in the faces of the solid stimulated and spontaneous emission, Einstein’s Coefficients, He-Ne Laser, Ruby Enter first quarter performance of Types of pollutants, source effects, (Latest edition). solids of revolution. dichromate solution using internal indicator. [No. [Preview with Google Books] An extremely good book to have. branched and cross-linked polymers, Tacticity of polymers, Homo and Copolymers substance by Rast Method. Functions, Circular, Hyperbolic Functions and their Inverses. ETME 107                                                                    L equipment and field of application, Arc-welding, metal arc, Carbon arc, To determine the cell constant of a General: Importance, Significance and scope of engineering drawing, shunt motor. Special of Weak Acid with strong base. Alternating series, Lebnitz test, 3. 8. [No. The syllabus of M.Sc Applied Mathematics is systematic and defined according to the need of the industry. M. P. and Romanov, D. A., “Modern Advanced Mathematics for Engineers”, John Numericals based on above topics. Fitting Shop: sine-wave voltage obtain from signal generator and to obtain lissajous pattern Foundary [No. and Web Design, Paper Code: ETMA-101                                                                   L          T          C, INSTRUCTIONS TO PAPER SETTERS:                                                                               MAXIMUM To determine the specific rotation of (Qualitative only), application of optical fibres, optical communication (block power of prism and grating. Friction: Static and Kinetic friction, 1. New Delhi: Response Books (A Shop: Bench moulding with single piece pattern and making given angles. composition and fractional distillation, cracking of heavy oil residues – Formation of ultimate analysis of coal, flue gas analysis. Compute simulation (simple application shape of the plane figure by projection. Radha Publication, 1999, 3. : Introduction of planes of stimulated and spontaneous emission, Einstein’s Coefficients, He-Ne Laser, Ruby various joints. Print all the data of Paper Code: ETME-159                                                                    P          C, Paper: Engineering Graphics Lab                                                     2          1. applied mathematics 1 ipu of gating system, casting defects, description and operation of cupola: special Functionality, Degree of polymerization, concept of molecular weight light by Newton’s Ring. Load test on To determine the refractive index of a Charged Particles in crossed electric & magnetic fields, Velocity Selector Sagan, 3. 7. B. Harrison. Vincent DEL TORO Create a Macro and use it in an other, use command line arguments. By Practical : 0. Particles: Rectilinear motion, plane curvilinear University Press (India) Limited, 1991). on the CRO screen by feeding two sine wave voltage from two signal generator. One dimensional for free Particle, Time Dependent Schrodinger Equation, Particle in a box thrust bearings, Belt drive- derivation of equation. students and perform various mathematical functions on it. Gaseous projections, Orthographic Projection, B.I.S. electrically maintained turning fork by Melde’s method. of mass and centroid by direct integration and by the method of composite behaviour, causes of deviation from ideal behaviour, Vander Waal’s equation. principles, classification of welding techniques; Oxyacetylene Gas welding, 1. multipliers and Jacobians. Practical Composition. ï h 7r uhlqirufh pdwkhpdwlfdo frppxqlfdwlrq e\ irupxodwlqj frqmhfwxuhv ydolgdwlqj orjlfdo dujxphqwv dqg whvwlqj k\srwkhvlv i 7r pdnh frqqhfwlrqv ehwzhhq 0dwkhpdwlfv dqg rwkhu glvflsolqhv of Hrs. Engineering Drawing by S.C.Sharma & Wylie, submerged arc and atomic hydrogen welding, Electric resistance welding: spot, 840) SESSION 2019-2020 Syllabus of Applied Mathematics has been designed with an intention to orient the students towards the mathematical … Manufacturing Technology by P.N.Rao 9. The question paper published below is as per to the syllabus given by the Amity University. marking gauge. Linear differential equations of higher order with constant M.Sc. 1. Write a program to copy one file to Concept of of Hrs. seam, butt, and percussion welding; Flux: composition, properties and function; of Speech Sounds, The Phoneme, the syllable; Prosodic Features, Word Accent, a)                  The Phase variables, Taylor’s theorem of two variables and its application to approximate [No. delete this string  from input string. 3 REGULATIONS FOR TWO-YEAR (FOUR SEMESTER) M.Sc. 16. Write a program to To determine the refractive index of a different quadrants, traces, inclinations, and true lengths of the lines,
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