Note: prices used below are not GW prices but the more competitive prices from … Plaguebearers are your only Battleline unit in the box so you will need additional purchases to make it legal, and as a Battleline unit Plaguebearers work much better in maxed out blocks so it maybe not the best start collecting for a new player. Learn more about the site and my mission here, Aroscon 2019 Age of Sigmar Tournament Coverage, Review of Start Collecting Thunderstrike Brotherhood, Terms and Conditions for Age of Miniatures, I Want to display Your Pictures on my Site, Where to buy your Warhammer and information about my Affiliate Links. This is fantastic value box because not only does it provide at least 2 battleline if you pick certain sub-factions within the Tzeentch allegiance, but most of the units contained within are core units to a powerful Daemons based Tzeentch list. The Stormcast half of The Blight War box minus Neave Black Talon. $80.75. … Everything in the box, other than the Endrinmaster hero, can one way or the other become battleline. The units in this box will combine nicely with one of the other Mortal SC Khorne boxes to build up a Blades of Khorne list though. Buying 4 of this box isn’t out of the question. A solid start for the stunty lover in Age of Sigmar. They are great sets to get started, I really love the boxes as they make getting a new army up and running really easy. Summary of Key Points "Ahead of Schedule" is the most common definition for AOS on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Chat about Warhammer Age of Sigmar and share your love of the game with like minded hobbyists. The balloon boys and Thunderers are a great backbone for lots of KO lists and the Gunhauler is essential for many battalions. This box won’t give you a legal list if unless you run the Herald as Skullmaster to make the Bloodcrushers Batteline. To start, you’ll need a Leader and a couple Battleline (basic troops) units. This is an amazing deal, with just the single flaw that the Retributors are only in a unit of 3 so you’ll pay the full price of 5 Retributors for those 3. B+; Oathsayer – +1 bravery to all Duardin within 18″. Lord-Aquilor $40; Vanguard-Hunters $30 (base box comes with ten for $60) Vanguard Palladors $60; Gryph Hounds $12.50 (base box comes with six for $25) This is another strange box as GW made it so you would almost need another Start Collecting to reap the full value from the box. This box gives you a solid backbone for a Scourge Privateer focused list. Any Hedonites of Slaanesh force is going to want at least one of these boxes, as when you first start out they can form a nice little core to your forces – but when you eventually develop out your forces to a full 2000 points you can phase some of these models out and use them as forces to bring on thanks to your summon mechanic – an essential buy in our opinion. Note: this was lat updated before the winter points changes. The big AoS starter set cannot be bought, but you can get the Stormcast part and the Bloodbound part separate in start collecting boxes. Clan Pestilens has been rolled into the Skaven Battletome and can now be mixed with other Skaven units, meaning you can build the Furnace as a Screaming Bell or the Plagueclaw as a Warp Lightning Cannon if you wish. Who doesn’t love good doggos? This box is a fantastic starting point for anyone interested in Chaos in general because all three units can be used in not just the Slaves to Darkness allegiance, but Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle & Slaanesh factions because of the Marks of Chaos each unit has access to. A good all-round box with a decent hero, the main battleine and a dual-purpose eel kit, which can become battleline if you purchase a different hero (either the giant turtle, or one of the Kings, Volturnos or generic). The Ironbreakers can be be alternatively built as Irondrakes which will also count as battleline if your general is a Dwarf (Duardin). Shouts to Luke Stone. This is one of the original Start Collecting boxes and pre-dates the new Battletome. About Us Automated Outsourcing Service. Otherwise this a decent starting point for fans of the armoured warriors of Sigmar. Only one Battleline unit here so you’ll need additional purchases to make the contents into a legal list.
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