Commencal have preconfigured one of the profiles to be energy-saving while providing maximum grip on technical terrain. In a direct comparison, the RAAW is much more composed and balanced, without being more cumbersome. Let’s cut to the chase, the MY21 Commencal Meta AM is nothing like the outgoing model, sure they’re both alloy enduro bikes with the same amount of front and rear travel and the same 29in wheels, but that’s where the similarities end. Do you prefer short chainstays anyway? If what you’re after is all-out EWS dominating performance and you have the trails for it get one! Insanely fast, capable and calm. Nice review @andi – love the enthusiasm. The 40mm Alpha stem is also the same as the previous Meta. Lest welche schon im folgenden Jahr mehr auf! The Zeb isn’t as fancy as a Fox 38 and I would argue the Fox damping is better, but it is super simple to set up and immensely stiff. The old bike was never ‘harsh’ but get it up to speed in a rough track and it is more tiring and less planted than the new bike. Where the 2021 Commencal Meta AM excels is in the fast rough and rocky stuff. The 2021 Commencal Meta AM 29 is faster and better than the previous version. Surprisingly good, if slow, on the climb. Well, one Monday I had taken the older Meta out and put down my fastest local time. Straight Line MTB on YouTube, and as always we are a happy to answer any questions here, on the channel, Instagram, or through our website. We’d recommend the 2021 Meta to those who like a balanced swing and want the biggest barrel in the game. For the cockpit and the wheels of our test bike, COMMENCAL chose to spec aluminium components. The chainstay increases just 1 mm to 435 mm, consistent across that size range. “Magical goat” 😀 – you should copyright that. META TR 29 RIDE 2021. 2020 hätte sie eigentlich zehnjährges Jubiläum gehabt, aber wir wissen ja alle, was geschehen ist. I like that Commencal runs 200mm rotors front and rear, and don’t subscribe to the idea that a rear disc needs to be smaller than the front. I rode that bike to the point that I felt fatigued and I may have pushed myself a little too hard, but I felt fast and the time proved it. In these situations, even the plush and supple suspension doesn’t help, though despite its sensitivity it still provides enough mid-stroke support. The drivetrain is workhorse SRAM GX Eagle with the updated 520% range rear cassette and new and improved alloy chainset measuring in at 170mm. Anxious to get it built up and comparing it to the AM. The 495 mm reach of the size large is long while the chainstay length is the exact opposite at just 433 mm! Thanks Andi, enjoyed that review. The proportions are certainly generous, and given the new long reaches, we would be more cautious of sizing up if caught between sizes. Technical climbing is where the 2021 Meta AM surprised me, not that it turns in to a magical goat and sprints off by itself, but that you can clear technical climbs more easily than the 170mm travel, 495mm reach might suggest. Matching the suspension is a 170 mm Transfer dropper post, which requires a sleeve to fit in the oversized 34.9 mm seat tube. Exclusive first ride review: New GHOST RIOT Enduro 2021. Paint on the head tube showed signs of wear quite quickly. The faster you go the more tired you can become as fatigue sets in, but all that movement felt very fast and that old bike was capable of serious downhill speeds. That really does look like a well sorted bike. Not to knock the Zeb, it’s a great fork, I just prefer the Fox 38. The first time you ride a 2021 Meta you might not necessarily feel like you’re hauling quite as fast as you actually are, but believe me, you’ll be smashing your KOM’s left and right and feeling as fresh as a daisy at the end ready for another spin up. Dropper duty is handled by a cable operated KS Lev Integra post with 175mm of drop on this large bike. $ 2,799.00. Whilst collecting a number of awards in the press ('Best Trail Bike under $3,000' from Pinkbike and 'Trail Bike of the Year' from MBUK), the META TR 29 is now taking things a step further. The new COMMENCAL META AM is a capable enduro bike that shows its best side on high-speed tracks. Tons of grip for climbing and excellent braking properties too. Against the clock or just for fun? The 2021 Meta is a pure thoroughbred, designed to go downhill at warp speed, to smash the most technical EWS stages on the planet, no wonder my local trails feel tame on this beast! For 2021, we're taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of our EWS riders and numerous tests, to make it even more effective against the clock!The kinematics have been redesigned to enable a bike that is both more dynamic and more … A lot more mtbs, our findings and the trends for the upcoming saison can be found in our introduction of the fastest enduro race bike on test. The 2021 Meta is a pure thoroughbred, designed to go downhill at warp speed, to smash the most technical EWS stages on the planet, no wonder my local trails feel tame on this beast! It’s nothing fancy and it’s still 31.8mm in diameter, but I like it a lot. It’s still not the fastest uphill, but any time you lose on the way up you’ll make up, and then some, on the way back down. Downsizing isn’t just popular in the automobile industry. With a weight of 35.05 lbs, you can’t really picture the Meta to be much of a rocket ship on the climbs, and it isn’t. New META AM 29: Much more than just a facelift!The switch to a 29-inch wheeled META from 2019 onwards has enabled a significant improvement in performance. The new 2021 Meta TR addressed that with a lower profile rear end, which is impressive given that all the pivots get dual-row Enduro bearings. And to make it as convenient as possible, we've developed free phone apps for iPhone and Android as well as free browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. Is that not enough for its weight to be in the cons list? However, it’s not a bat for everyone. Unterstützt werden sie von CARCASS und UNTO OTHERS. On paper, the bike looks like it should be a total animal on the descents, but a full test will be needed to … I hit the first trail just as I had the previous day, and as soon as I entered the track it all felt different but also familiar. Metacritic Game Reviews, eFootball PES 2021 for PlayStation 4, The eFootball PES 2021 Season Update brings you all of the critically acclaimed features that … That’s not really saying anything, would be interesting to have more detail on what/how. It is a lot of bike and on some trails you might feel the AM is a little too much bike, in this case the Meta TR might be a good bet, but for me I’ve fallen for the all out speed of this bike and will probably not hand it back for some time to come. All bikes in test: Canyon Strive CFR Jack Moir Edition (Click for review) | Commencal META AM 29 | GT Force Carbon Pro Martin Maes Edition (Click for review) | Lapierre Spicy Team (Click for review) | Nukeproof Mega 290c RS Team Edition (Click for review) | Raaw Madonna V2 FOX Factory Custom (Click for review) | Specialized S-Works Enduro Team Edition (Click for review) | Trek SLASH 9.9 2021 (Click for review) | Yeti SB150 Team (Click for review) | YT CAPRA Elite 29 (Click for review).
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