Our Team

Our Team Philosophy

When it comes to teamwork, there’s a saying:

Together Everyone Achieves More.

See that – how it spells “Team?” Sure, it’s a bit corny. But the reality is that it’s also true.

At WeTalkUAV, we actually do talk about drones – all the time. We are constantly discussing what features we like, why build quality matters – and what separates the truly well-engineered models from the slap-dash efforts of some of the newer companies trying to crack this lucrative market.

Our team is small, but we are dedicated to providing the most accurate content you will find anywhere.

If we tell you something is great – you can believe us. Because we’ve flown it, taken it apart, put it through its paces.

And if we tell you something is not – you can believe us on that, too.


Because “T” stands for more than “Team.” It also stands for “Truth.”