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Technology thrills with its ever-changing landscape, but the “land” part doesn’t have a monopoly. Drones are in the air and in the news — constantly. The numbers and uses for unmanned aerial vehicles are multiplying exponentially, and keeping up with drone developments is our focus at WeTalkUAV.

On this page, you’ll find the latest drone news. Airborne pizza delivery, stunning photography, and firefighting assistance — all brought to you by drones — already have made headlines around the world, and there’s more UAV news to come as both hobbyists and the business sector discover more innovative uses for these high-flying wonders.

The Federal Aviation Administration — a newsmaker itself after launching online registration for drones — estimates that drone purchases for personal and commercial use will grow from 2.5 million in 2016 to 7 million in 2020. As the industry booms, we are committed to becoming the trusted source for impartial drone news, as well as comprehensive and unbiased reviews. Visitors to this page will get up-to-date drone news about product developments, regulations and how UAVs are being utilized.

Drones can supply important images to first responders after disasters, aid farmers in identifying planting failures, monitor animal populations, and more. As the applications grow and manufacturers incorporate new technologies into their products, count on WeTalkUAV to present the latest drone news.

DJI Mavic Propeller guards

Do You Actually Need DJI Mavic Propeller Guards?

Recently, DJI released the new Mavic Propeller Guards. The guards cost a surprisingly steep $159 USD, and there has been a lot of skepticism...
dji phantom drone noise test

How Loud is Your Drone? -The Drone Noise test of P2, P3P, P4P,I2 and…

The drone noise test is kind of weird thing to do, right!? I know everybody is testing flight range, flight time and other stuff....

Dronelapse: The Next Step in Timelapse Production

With time lapse and drone photography all the rage on the internet, it is time to get serious and do something challenging and creative....

Amazon Files a Patent for a Parachute Drop -One Step Closer to Drone Delivery

Meanwhile, in the world of Amazon, the Drones and Delivery Department just got another boast when Amazon filed a patent for parachute deliveries on...
Army drone flyaways

You Are Not Alone, Even Army Has Drone Flyaways

In the latest story of drone flyaways, the U.S. Army had its own version of Return to Home failure to the tune of $1.5...
autonomous drones

Autonomous Drones Pop Up in Dubai -Taxi Anybody?

Have you signed up for your own personal drone to fly you around the city yet? Well, if you live in Dubai, in July...

DJI Teams Up With Dandelion for New Series of DJI Robomasters Animation

99.9% of our audience knows what is DJI, but not that many people know Dandelion. The Dandelion Animation Studio LLC is a well-known 3D and...
1000 drones

NEW WORLD RECORD! China Launches 1000 Drones Simultaneously

Not long ago, Intel dazzled us with 500 drones flying at the same time and creating beautiful patterns. They had set a new record...
Drone software

Drone Software-The solution to a high-flying industry?

It is no secret lately in the consumer drone industry of companies going under or having difficulty in keeping a profit going as their...
Drone duel with fireworks

The Drone Duel -Phantoms Shoothing Each Other With Fireworks

This is not a joke! This is a real drone duel! So here is the story: Two guys, somewhere in China have attached the fireworks to...