We just wanted to give you a DJI Spark rumor update today.  The DJI Spark looks similar to other drones like the Yuneec Breeze, but don’t get fooled by the results of similar looking drones. DJI has built a reputation of fairly stable drones, so expect a game changer for its size and price point. Even though other drones can supposedly shoot at 4K, stabilization and overall quality is lacking, so expect DJI to come through with a high quality product. Here is the latest leaked video of the DJI Spark:

DJI Spark Rumor Updates

This snapshot shows the weight of the DJI Spark alone at 190 grams. That’s without a battery, so one can expect it to be in the range of 250 grams when it’s fully functional.

dji spark

The DJI Spark’s motors are similar to a DJI Mavic, but they are slightly smaller.

dji spark props

The internal structure is compact and dense. The built-in fan is reminiscent of a graphics card on a PC.

dji spark teardown

This picture shows an SDXC slot for the new DJI Spark.

dji spark

The black bar above the camera is speculated to have up to four IR obstacle avoidance sensors.The camera might also come with an IR sensor right next to it.

dji spark camera

Compared to the DJI Mavic, the DJI Spark is small. This mini drone’s body is about 25% smaller in length than a DJI Mavic. The impressive part are its small arms. A DJI Spark arm is about 65% smaller than a DJI Mavic arm, and it’s a lot thicker.

dji spark

dji spark

What Kind of Drone is it?

With an emerging market for selfie drones, this DJI Spark might be just that and more. DJI has shown to be experts in creating drones that are both flexible and job specific. This DJI Spark might be advertised as an FPV capable racer with an ability to shoot in 4k. At its fairly low price point, one can expect a diverse set of features that are similar to a DJI Phantom but in a compact shell. The fixed frame of the DJI Spark gives off a FPV racing look, yet its sensors and gimbal is something new. It’s certainly multifunctional, so DJI might announce this as a drone that can do it all. It is still too early to label it as a specific type of drone, but its apparent features are definitely influenced from drones of different fields.

DJI Mavic vs. DJI Spark?

As seen with the DJI Mavic, size and portability is a huge factor with drones. If this drone can deliver quality footage with its soda can size, then this might even give the DJI Mavic a run for its money. If the final specs are as good as rumored, then DJI might once again be competing against themselves with this release.

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